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Sustainable Compassion Training Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

This is a 1 time Training Seminar For Parents & Caregivers


Group Description

This is a 3-hour introductory workshop for parents and caregivers of children, adolescents, and young adults struggling with mood, emotional sensitivity, and self-destructive behaviors. 

We believe that the human capacity for care and compassion is innate and inexhaustible, however, in times of extreme stress and emotion it can be hard to access. When we cannot access compassion towards the people we love, ultimately we ourselves suffer. Moreover, we are less able to effectively care for ourselves and our loved ones. For many, our capacity to care and be compassionate must be awakened, nurtured and deepened to become reliable and sustainable. Meditation is one of the ways that we can learn to evoke our natural compassion even in the face of great emotion and stress.  

Sustainable Compassion Training is a practice; a means to find our own inner resource for replenishment and a sustainable source of compassionate presence to others. We are not seeking to find it outside of ourselves, in a better ‘strategy’, but rather to uncover our innate capacity for care and compassion. 

This workshop will introduce you to a meditation practice that will focus on three aspects of care; receiving care, extending care and a general deepening of care and compassion.  In this workshop, you will learn about this practice and be supported and guided through meditations to deepen your own capacity to find compassion for yourself and others. This is an excellent adjunctive practice to DBT and mindfulness practices. 

There is no mindfulness or DBT experience required. Beginners are welcome.

Group Fee Schedule

The Seminar costs $175 for a single parent and

$250 for couples and light refreshments will be served

Payment must be received to reserve place in group

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