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Anxiety-based CBT Skills Group

Group Description

The Anxiety-based CBT skills Group will be held on Thursday afternoons from 4:30-5:45 PM

The group will open in February, 2016

This group will be limited to 8 participants





The CBT for Anxiety group is a didactic skills-based group that uses the principles of cognitive behavior therapy to address the symptoms of panic, social anxiety, test anxiety, specific phobias, and OCD. In each session, group members will review homework assignments from the previous week, learn and practice a specific cognitive or behavioral skill designed to help manage anxiety symptoms, and discuss how to implement the skill in their lives over the course of the next week. Group members should have a primary anxiety diagnosis and not have a history of mania, psychosis, suicidality, severe substance abuse disorder or eating disorders.  This group will focus on anxiety diagnoses such as panic disorders, social anxiety, specific phobias, test anxiety and/or OCD.  All participants must complete an intake and be able to identify goals for the group.

Group Topics

Group topics include, but are not limited to:


                                                                            Identifying thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

                                                                            Understanding the adaptive function of emotions

                                                                            Gaining awareness of the consequences of avoidance

                                                                            Recognizing and challenging negative automatic thoughts

                                                                            Learning and implementing mindfulness and relaxation techniques

                                                                            Understanding the rationale for exposure (behavioral) treatments

                                                                            Setting up a personal exposure hierarchy

                                                                            Receiving tips and guidance on implementing exposure tasks


Group Fee Schedule

$1920 - 24 Groups (minimum initial commitment - 24 weeks)

$640 - 8 Groups (following initial 24-week commitment)


Groups can be billed in 8 week increments of $640 OR

Groups can be billed at a 24 week commitment of $1800.

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