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Advanced DBT Group

The Advanced DBT Group will held on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 6:45 PM

This group has 1 opening as of January, 2019

Group Description

The Advanced DBT group is an agenda-based skills integration group that aims to help clients utilize their existing skill-based knowledge to current life dilemmas and successes.  Groups begin with a mindfulness practice and a group member-led skill review prior to taking an agenda featuring each client's report of skills needed and/or utilized since the prior group session.  Group sessions are used to generate strategies for future skill usage, problem solving, interpersonal dilemmas, integration of emotional regulation strategies, and celebration of successful planning and implementation of DBT-based skills.  Members of the Advanced DBT group need to be in individual DBT treatment with an intensively trained DBT individual therapist who provides skills coaching.  Clients also must have successfully completed an initial DBT skills training program.

Group Topics

Group topics include, but are not limited to:


     Practicing and enhancing mindfulness in everyday life

     Increasing awareness of emotions & mood regulation

     Setting & maintaining commitments in treatment

     Healthily maintaining relationships & ending poor ones

     Setting and implementing values around self respect

     Setting and holding commitments and contingencies

     Using emotion regulation skills & building resiliency

Group Fee Schedule

                       $720 - 8 Groups

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